Testing Process

Shake test


Stack Test


Compression Test


Incline Test


A five step testing process is utilized to ensure the best quality product for our customers.

Shake Test

  • Expedited testing format to simulate transportation in a container
  • Long term transit testing
  • Simulate truck, air, and rail transportation between an 8 and 72  hour period
  • Meets ISTA test specs unless otherwise specified by customer

Stack Test

  • Expedited testing method to simulate storage in a warehouse environment
  • Compressive testing to determine the maximum weight a package can withstand
  • Stack Performance covering a 60 day period to analyze the packages' performance

Compression Test

  • Simulates stacking in a warehouse environment
  • Identifies the amount of weight the package can carry

Incline Test

  • Simulates various impacts to determine damage caused during handling
  • Tests the ability of the package to protect the product
  • If the product is <150lbs. a drop test is performed
  • If the product is >150lbs. an incline impact test is performed

Trans-Shipment Test

  • A pre-production pilot test to simulate a full truckload
  • Pre-production quantity samples perform less than truckload and full truckload shipments between two locations
  • Typically performed by customer with Huntington Solutions support
  • Last step before final production is approved
Crash test cardboad
Crash test foam